Life of Seasons

This week I've thought a lot about my life over the past year.

This my my 2nd winter and 5th season since being here.

I've seen the beauty of creation changing continuously.
It's been freezing and deathly hot.
Snowy and sunny.
Cloudy and rainy.
Windy and calm.
Happy and sad.
Laughing and crying.
Anxious and content.
Excited and worried.

It's interesting how life works.
It's a consistent season change.
Not matter what the season, it will change.

Take Summer for instance, everyone loves it.
People are outside, the beach is full, people seem happier overall.

Then there's Winter. Sad and gloomy.
People stay inside and take part in community less.

Spring and Fall seem to be pretty pleasurable for all.
You can still go outside, but have just enough time cuddling with blankets.

What's sad and exciting simultaneously is that - all of these seasons pass.
They come and go. They come back and leave again.
Sometimes for longer or shorter periods with better or worse times in between.

It wasn't until someone from school gave me this metaphor that I considered it at all.

She said something like this:
 "Think about it. Who likes Winter? Sure, some days are fun, but really - most people hate it. When you are going through it, it seems never-ending. Everything aggravates you. Your face feels cut with cold. You never seem warm enough. If someone tells you 'It will be over soon', you blankly stare at them thinking about how almost impossible it is to see the day and focus on how miserable you are right now.

Then it arrives. Spring. It's amazing really. You forget about the torture you felt all Winter, and can think only of how incredible it feels to take part in this new season. It seems worth it to have to go through such an awful, miserable, depressing season if it means you get to experience a beautiful, happy one sooner than you thought."

Right now I'm right in the middle of winter.
Both physically and mentally.
It feels like  it's never-ending.
I feel like Spring is so far away.
I long for the day the sun comes shining through the clouds,
telling me a new season has come.

I also know that I have to go through Winter to get to Spring.
And I know that even though Winter is a tough season, there are still beautiful things that come with it. Just like there are ugly things that come with the easy seasons.

Here's praying for new seasons to come soon, and to learning how to see the beauty in the not-so-pretty things in life.


  1. this was actually great for me to read, and a good reminder. thanks <3