After Blizzard Regrets

Ok ready for this?
I was part of the 2011Crazy Big Deal Huge Blizzard in Chicago.
Also, let me remind you that I own a camera.

Who in their right mind would be part of one of the biggest natural disasters so far in 2011and NOT take photos?
It's a no -brainer. This is prime time for photo taking.


Are you putting 2 and 2 together?

That's right.
I had the opportunity to take some of the most beautiful photos yet. Everything smooth white. All things covered with this beautiful, cold stuff.

So, how did the pictures come out Evie?!?
Well friends, they didn't.
I sat inside like a chicken in the warmth of my home.

Pathetic, I know. Sadly though, it's true.
Here are the few I captured from my window:
To be honest, from the pictures I've been seeing, this is nothing compared to some other areas.

The digging begins

Apparently, once you've worked most of the day digging out your car,
you are allowed to claim it with chairs until you return. Makes sense.
Our neighbors dug through and found our sidewalk!
After the digging, this is a view of the sidewalk and some dug out cars in front of our building. 
Don't worry, my plan is to go out tomorrow and take pictures of the remaining mounds of snow around the city. I'll let you know how it goes. 

Happy Super Bowl Weekend!!

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  1. I would've done the same thing. under blanket, next to the fire place, eating soup.