Heart Guard

Proverbs 4:23(NLT)

Guard your heart above all else,
for it determines the course of your life.

How does one live out this passage?

Are you supposed to just stop caring about things/people you have cared so much about before?

Are you supposed to just ignore the things you shouldn't let in your heart?

Are you supposed to end friendships that you have had for years?

If so, how could you do that without it affecting your heart?

How would one practically guard their heart?

I am really struggling with trying to understand this lately.

I feel as if I am constantly getting hurt,
and it is by the same people every time.

How does one know who will be a true friend and who won't?

And is it ok to be such good friends with someone for just a season of your life?

Is that what is supposed to happen?

Once you move to a new place, are you supposed to make all new friends?

I thought it was possible to have life-long friends.

I guess few are life-long and most are seasonal..



Like life Depended on It

This was the title of the message this past Sunday morning:

Live like your life depended on it.

What does that mean?
Wayne Cordeiro from Honolulu, Hawaii talked a little about it.

If you have some spare time, take a listen.

I was going to summarize it, but I would have just given you notes of what I took from it.

I may just have been able to relate to it so much because I tend to poorly guard my heart, and as a result get hurt by people very easily. Especially recently.

I'm trying to do better.

Have a great week!




From my understanding, faith is believing in something or someone.
Faith is believing in something or someone whether or not you can see it.
Faith is believing something or someone, even if there is no proof.
Faith is something I haven't had very much of lately.

Dates keep changing.
Things are unsure.
There is so much uncertainty.

Yet, through all of this I am supposed to have faith.

Faith that we will move into our new home before school starts.
Faith that our sofa's will be sold.
Faith that everyone involved in this buying process is doing their part.
Faith that everything that is happening is for a reason.
Faith that my family and friends will be there through it all.

I won't lie.
This faith thing is tough.
For me, anyway.

I so badly want to believe that everything will be ok.
It's just so much easier to say or think than to really believe.

I feel like I have been discouraged since I moved here.
I'm ready for that to end.
I'm ready for my faith to kick in.

That's all for now.