Hot dogs for Breakfast

Ok so this morning Ruben and I were like, "What should we make today so we can have something different?"

So Ruben was like, "Let's make scrambled eggs and bagels."

And I was like, "What if we use the hot dogs we just bought too?"

Ruben was like, "Hot dogs with eggs? That actually sounds good.. I used to eat that when I was little."

I was like, "AWESOME! Let's do it!"

THEN, I was like, "Should we use hot dog buns instead of bagels?"

Ruben was like, "Good idea!"

Then, Ruben was like, "Oh! I'm gonna melt cheese on top of my eggs, do you want it on yours too?"


So, that's what we did, and it was AMAZING!!!!

You can't tell that the hot dog buns were stuffed with the egg/cheese/ hot dog mixture cause I took the pictures too late, but you have to believe me that it was SOOOO GGOOOODDDD!!!!! 

I will make sure to take photos before eating almost the entire thing next time :)

2 Hebrew National hot dogs (seriously, the best brand I've ever had)
6 eggs
4 slices American cheese (the real kind, not the processed cheese food slices)
2 hot dog buns (we had pretty big ones with sesame seeds on top)

Cut the hot dogs into small pieces. Fry them until you are pleased. I prefer mine almost burnt. :) Once your hot dogs are how you want them, add in the eggs. Wait till they cook a little before you scramble them in the pan. Meanwhile, get your buns ready by putting 2 slices of cheese on each bun and microwaving them for 40 seconds each so that they cheese is perfectly melted. Finally, add your egg/hot dog mixture to your buns and enjoy!


How to Coffee Press

Um, Evie.. You already had a post entitled coffee.

I know, I know. Don't fret though (as if you were really worried..)!

This coffee post is not dedicated to my profession of love for this delightful caffeinated beverage.
It is, however, dedicated to me showing you how I do my thing with our coffee press.

Ok so, a little background:
-I broke our old coffee press.
-Ruben surprised me with another one.
 Complete with travel press.
-We no longer use our coffee machine, ever.
-I have coffee daily. Yum.

Phew. Now that that's out of the way, I'll get to the process of how I go about making this yummy drink.

Things I use:
+Filtered water
+Electric Kettle
+Whole bean coffee
+Plastic spoon
-Creamer (optional)
+Coffee press, of course :)

-You don't have to grind your own beans, but it does make it more tasty. Up to you though.
-Same goes for filtered water. Not totally necessary, but will provide a more delightful cup of joe.

Let's go on..

Step1 : Filtered water. Again, not necessary, but better.
Start the boiling in your kettle.. now.
Step 2: Coffee beans.
Whether you are grinding them yourself, or using ground ones, this is where you measure out how much you're putting in your press.Make you coarsely grind the beans so they don't seep through the press. I use 3-4 scoops depending on how strong I want it that day.

Step 3: Add water.
Once you have done all of this your water should be boiled or close to it. Add the water to press leaving an inch from the top.

Step 4: Stir.
Use either a plastic or wooden spoon/utensil , but NOT a metal one.

Step 5: Place cap on press.
Make sure you do not press the plunger down yet!
Set a timer either on your microwave or phone for 4 minutes.
For a stronger cup do 5min. For a weaker cup do 3min. 

Step 6: Press down, pour and enjoy!
When your timer goes off your ready to press the plunger down.
Do this slowly and evenly until you reach the bottom.

Step 7(optional): Extra goodies.
Once you have completed steps 1-6 you're ready to enjoy your hot delicious beverage. If, however, you're like me and you don't often drink your coffee black, this is when you add in the extra goodies. I prefer French Vanilla creamer, but you can use anything you want. (Whip Cream, Sugar, Milk, etc.)

I also added some cookies I made to the mix.  
You can add anything. Get creative. :)

Hope you all have a great week!

Spring 2011 semester starts tomorrow. 
I'll keep you posted.


Here We Go Again

That time is here again.
The beginning of the new semester has arrived.

My feelings? Dread, Self-Doubt, Fear.
My hope? Anticipation, Confidence, Success.

I can't explain my dislike for this process of education that I'm going through.
I wish so badly that I loved school.
I wish I loved tests.
I wish I loved studying.

Instead, I love people.
I want to be with people.
I want to hang out with people.
I want to eat with people.

Ultimately, my end goal will be working with people.
I'm sure this grad- school thing will be worth it in the end.

This year, just like everyone else, I plan to start new things and stick to them. Let's see how well I do..

Here is a list of things I am going to work my hardest to improve on in 2011:
+Studying AHEAD of time for exams.
-Starting papers BEFORE the night before they are due.
+READING textbooks and even non-school books at the SAME time!
-Looking for the positive in every situation.
+Making as much hand-made decor as possible.
-Getting people gifts for no reason.

Happy New Year!

A cocktail I learned to make to start off the New Year! :)