Here We Go Again

That time is here again.
The beginning of the new semester has arrived.

My feelings? Dread, Self-Doubt, Fear.
My hope? Anticipation, Confidence, Success.

I can't explain my dislike for this process of education that I'm going through.
I wish so badly that I loved school.
I wish I loved tests.
I wish I loved studying.

Instead, I love people.
I want to be with people.
I want to hang out with people.
I want to eat with people.

Ultimately, my end goal will be working with people.
I'm sure this grad- school thing will be worth it in the end.

This year, just like everyone else, I plan to start new things and stick to them. Let's see how well I do..

Here is a list of things I am going to work my hardest to improve on in 2011:
+Studying AHEAD of time for exams.
-Starting papers BEFORE the night before they are due.
+READING textbooks and even non-school books at the SAME time!
-Looking for the positive in every situation.
+Making as much hand-made decor as possible.
-Getting people gifts for no reason.

Happy New Year!

A cocktail I learned to make to start off the New Year! :)


  1. i want to drink that immediately. also, i think you'll do great at sticking to your goals. don't give up! love you!

  2. those sound like fun goals...especially fun goals to work on....together! wink wink ;]

  3. and p.s. i want some of that cocktail.