These past few days have helped me come to the conclusion that packing up a home is something that should never be done alone.

Ruben has been working long days lately because they are trying to finish up a project there. It is 10:15pm and he has yet to arrive. I just want my husband back.

There is one word that can perfectly describe how I feel.


There is so much that needs to get done within the next two days and I feel as if I am doing it all alone.

We are going to weddings both Saturday and Sunday and need to move out all of our things before that. Which leaves tomorrow and Friday.

Meanwhile, my Florida friends are here, and I can't hang out with them because I have to finish packing. Alone.

Hopefully, tomorrow will be a better day.

I can't take much more of this feeling.

In Florida I would be with people daily. No questions asked.

Here, I am with people rarely and that's just not OK anymore.

I think I will dub this my venting post.


  1. Aw sad. I'm sorry you're feeling lonely...that really sucks. I know this doesn't help much, but I really wish I was there to help you :(

    te love mult

  2. Rachel:
    You should've called.
    Call me next time, we'll go to lunch.

  3. lol lunch at 9:30?! this was when i got out of class at night lol.
    i figured you might've been going to bed soon. always let me know if you need help with something.
    and we still need to have a sweden date