Well friends, today the unthinkable happened.

The owner of the home we are in now texted Ruben.
She told him that we can stay here until July 15th.
She told him not to worry about rent for this month.
She told him we don't have to leave just yet.

I'm not sure if I emphasized how stressed I have been these past few days,
but if I emphasized correctly, you can imagine the relief I felt upon hearing this news.

I was totally ready to be out.
Our entire place is packed, with the exception of our furniture, two mugs, two towels, and the silverware.

The ironic thing is that the date we were hoping to be able to move into our new home is July 15th.

Wait, Evie, is that a typo?
You just wrote that you have to be out of the place you are in now July 15th, and you can move into your new place July 15th.

Nope. That is absolutely not a typo. :)

It's days like these that you just have to thank God like a crazy person.
I guess you could call it fate or maybe luck, but I am without a doubt calling this God. There is no way this could all happen without some help from a good Friend.

Today I am feeling pretty good.
I ran a lot of errands and got to have lunch with Ruben.
So far this has been the best day I have had in a while.

Today I plan to hang out with my Florida friends, whom I love.
I am super excited to see them.

Catch you later, Aligator.


  1. Evie that's the best news ever!!!!! I told you God would work it out, He always does! He loves you so much. And so do I!

  2. He means it when He says, "I will supply ALL your needs!"