The Time Has Come

As I said in my previous post, it has been 4 months since I got married.

4 months since:
I moved to Chicago.
I have driven my old car.
I have seen most of my family.
I have seen my Florida friends.

It has been 4 months since I have been back "home".

Well friends, the time has come.

After quite an obnoxious plane ride consisting of:
A man suffering from restless leg syndrome to my left
A cuddling lesbian couple to my right, I have made it.

I am "home".

I must admit, I anticipated a strange feeling upon arrival.

I anticipated having to quickly adapt back to life here,
even if just for a few days.

My house smells different.

It isn't the house I lived in before.
The refrigerator is full of things I am not used to anymore.
I didn't go grocery shopping for these things.

As many things were rushing through my mind, I realized something.
This is no longer my home.
I have made a new home.

A new home in Chicago, Illinois with my Husband. My awesome husband.

What a strange realization.

To be standing in the house you lived in for 24 yrs and realize that this will never be home again is almost frightening. Really. I was a little scared.

Regardless, after taking in a little more of the place I once called home,
I proceeded to get into my old car and drive to my cousin's house.

I've missed them.

They were surprised,
except for Debbie, who somehow had a feeling I would come.
Debbie has always had these feelings.
It was almost expected that she would know.

It was so great spending time with them.

I love them.

It's hard to comprehend that we aren't little kids anymore.
We are grown ups.
Grown ups who have gotten married, and are now having our own little kids.

After seeing them and their new babies,
I couldn't help but feel super overwhelmed.
Life is such a beautiful thing that is going by so quickly.

Too quickly.

I feel like I need more time to soak it in.
Maybe I just need to spend more time soaking and less time rushing through life.

I'm excited for tomorrow. A new day.

Tomorrow is Surprise the Family/ Jenn's 26th Birthday. I can't wait.
It's going to be a day full of
maybe some crying, and
most definitely FOOD. Delicious food.

Who knows what the day will bring.

That's my life in the not so big city of Davie, Florida.

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