Instant Love

I am in love with Nico Talpesh and Madison Rantin.

I have never experienced this kind of love before.

Sure, I love people.

I love:
My God,
My Husband,
My Family, and
My Friends.

Really. I genuinely love those groups of people, but this was a different love.

An Instant Love.

I couldn't help but kiss them all over and smile like a crazy woman.

I wanted to be no where else but in a seat where I could see both of them at the same time and just marvel in their creation.

Their innocence. Their helplessness. Their dependence. Their uniqueness.

It's crazy to think that we were all there once.
Totally and completely dependent on someone with our lives.
All of our trust was put in someone else to make sure we were cared for.

That's intense stuff.

Now, here we are. Grown up. Adults. Caring for ourselves.
Depending on ourselves to make sure things get done.

I wonder, is that how life is meant to be?
To be born totally dependent and to grow up into the opposite extreme?
Is that really how we are created to be? Totally independent of others?

I feel like it isn't. Like, it can't be.

I feel like we need people more than we want to admit.

It could be a personal opinion, but think about it.

Which is more fun?
1.Being home ALONE
2.Being home with FRIENDS/FAMILY?

I would most definitely, without question choose number 2. Every time.

I love people.
I love being with people.
I love laughing with people.
I love making memories with people.
I love talking about memories with people.
I love crying with people.
I love praying with people.
I love putting my trust in people who I know care about me.
I love knowing that the people I surround myself with love and cherish me.
I love that I am completely dependent on God with my life and everything in it.

Wait. What? What was that last one?
I am completely dependent on God with my life and everything in it?

Well, that's weird.
It seems that I have gone back to being a small, helpless baby..
Is that right?

Completely dependent with my life?
Completely dependent that all will be provided?
Completely dependent in knowing that the best is store for me?

Wait a minute.. Is that what faith is?

Hmm. Interesting. Cool. Awesome. Stupendous. Fantastic. Exciting. Incredible. Security. Comfort. Constant. Everlasting. Patient.


Instant Love.

Today I think I experienced a little bit of God's love.

Every moment spent looking at those adorable babies was Instant Love.

I would have done anything for them. Just like Jesus did for us.

It's cool how God uses life to help us understand Him more.

Thanks God.
Thanks for letting me experience that today.
It was pretty incredible.
To think that what I felt was just a small glimpse of what You feel is pretty insane.

Thanks though, for showing me your Instant Love.

You are The Best.

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