My life in the Big City.

So, summer has arrived.
I've been here for 4 months.


I would definitely use that as the word to describe the transition.
Davie, Florida and Chicago, Illinois are very different.
I thought I was doing great the first month.
I didn't know what I was so nervous about.

Life was great.

I had:
+just gotten married
+started attending a new school
+moved to a fun new place
-left my entire family
-left all of my friends
-left the place I had lived for the past 24 yrs of my life.

Around month 2, it hit me..

I had no friends.
I didn't know my way around.

Living through my first winter went better than I expected.
Apparently, this was an extremely MILD winter. HA.
I can totally see why people gain weight during the winter.
Who wants to put on 12 layers of clothing just to walk across the street?

I don't even want to start on the topic of parallel parking.

Nonetheless, here I am in month 4.
I have been a married woman for 4 months.
My husband is really quite amazing.
I really have to give him the credit for me getting this far.

Some days I would cry incessantly for hours.
Some weeks it would be 4 out of 7 days, others it was 2.

No matter when it was, or how stupid my reason seemed to be,
He was there.

He's the best.

I am not just saying that because he's my husband.

Really, he's incredible.

I wanted to start this blog when I moved here.
I wanted to document my journey in this new life I started.

Although it is a little late, here it is:

My life in the Big City.


  1. i think you're doing great. way to finally start the blog. just ask yourself "what would sister incarnation do?"

  2. YAY for a blog! And I must say, I really appreciate your good grammar.