Come Stand By Me

May 19, 2010.

Jonny's 23rd birthday.
The day I left my first visit to Florida since I moved.
The day I saw my husband after not seeing him for 6 days.
The day I hung out with my brother, mom, and Gil for lunch.
The day I talked to Deda about Theology.
The day I met perhaps the best person to sit next to in a plane.
The day I decided that I thoroughly enjoy Mediterranean cuisine.
The day a flight attendant would not allow me to use the restroom.
The day I heard a man and wife talking while waiting to board the plane.

The man looked as if he was once a surfer.
Both the woman and man seemed laid back.
You could tell they really enjoyed being with one another.

Husband: "Come stand by me"
Wife: "It's ok, I'm right here"
Husband: "I don't want you to get left behind"
Wife(to surrounding people): He would never leave me behind"

Note: I feel a pattern coming on with this "God using life to show Himself more clearly" thing. I think I will call it "Life lessons with God". In the future when I refer to these moments, that is how I will do it.

I felt that trust and love were displayed so well in this small dialog.
The man genuinely expressed concern for the fear of his wife being left behind, while the woman was secure in the fact that he loved her so much that he would ensure she would always be taken care of.

Maybe it was just me, but I think that was an awesome interaction to have witnessed.The trust she had in this man was so sincere.
She knew, without a doubt, that this man would never leave her behind.


I think that is how our faith in God should be.


There should be no doubt in our minds that He would ever leave us beind.
We should be in no doubt of the fact that He cares that much about us.

I really enjoy observing people. Like I said before, I love them.

As I went through a mental overview of my week in Florida, many instances came to mind. I ended up spending some time with the boys the night before I left. In the end, Nicky was the only one of the brothers who was actually surprised to see me.
He was cute.

I have to say, I always felt that there was something very special about Nicky, but in this specific occasion I saw it more prevalent than ever before.
I was impressed.
I was proud.
I was excited to see what is to come.

To recap my trip:
I LOVE my family.
I did not see everyone I planned to see.
I felt out of place in the place I once called home.
I fell in love with my 2 new family members.
I was there for Jonny's 23rd birthday.
I slept in every day.
I remembered how to get everywhere.
I spent awesome time with Anda, Steve, and Abi.
I got to see Lilly briefly.
I had good talks with Jess, as always.
I watched Nico attempt to crawl.
I held Madison for an extended period of time and loved every second.

Overall, I would say it was a fantastic trip.
Although I know people will be upset and will not be shy to make sure I know it, I still had a fantastic trip.

Thank you, come again.


  1. I LOVE YOU!!! I am so glad that I got to have awesome talks with you too :) and that we tricked all the suckers down here! :p Can't wait it our next rendezvous. LOVE LOVE LOVE

  2. Oh I love that couple! I'm so glad you had a great time and that God is revealing His love to you each day. You're the best and I am loving you!

  3. NICKY is definetly the BOMB!!! Everytime I'm's such a treat watching him interact..he's differet..he always was even when he was little!!!!