New Adventures

Stanley's Kitchen and Tap
Random community that would be perfect for a photo shoot.
Alfred Caldwell Lilly Pond

Above I have listed the places I visited today with Rachel.

Interestingly enough, all of these places are very close to my house.

Did I know they all existed minutes from my doorstep? No way.
Am I unbelievably happy that Rachel introduced me to them? You bet.

Stanley's makes one mean burger.
The lilly pool was breathtaking.
Starbucks quenched my thirst.
Ulta supplied me with body wash and nail polish.
Aldi provided us with some eggs, bread, sandwich meat, and tea.

I noticed this sign behind one of the seating areas at the lilly pond.

I totally see why Laurence loved his spot.
This is where he sat.

This is what he saw.

Cool huh? Well, I think so.

I thought of my cousin Jessica the whole time.
I wished I would have known of this place when she was visiting.
She would have loved it.

I took some other photos also.
I don't have much to say today.
I figured I would just share some other shots I took.
I am not professional, so please don't judge my photography skills.

Here goes..

That's about it..

Tomorrow Ruben and I are driving to North Carolina to meet up with my parents.
Should be interesting..

Until the next adventure,
Be cool, stay in school.


  1. holy crap! that place looks UH-MAZE-ING!!!!! Next visit babe ;) LOVE YOU!!!

  2. there are plenty more adventures to come :]

  3. hey today i saw flowers just like your 2nd to last shot except they were orange! cool! So we're going to this lily pond when I get there, huh? Thanks.