Not Everyone Likes What You Like

So recently, I have been attempting to learn more and more about photography. 
Today I'm going to talk to you specifically about one thing I discovered.

I worked so hard on specific pictures that I fell in love with.
Those very photos turned out to be the ones that were liked least by the photographed persons.

I, of course, told myself to stop trying to take pictures cause I'm clearly not good.

My friend Joel was there the first time this happened to me.
He explained that this should be expected and is common. 
People look that themselves, not the photo as a whole.

Then I remembered that I did the same thing.

When I got my pictures back from my wedding, I looked at myself.
I didn't care about composition, exposure, clarity, colors, anything really.
I just cared about how I looked. 

Now I look at photos very differently.
I try to keep in mind that "Not everyone likes what I like", 
and that's ok.

Just because someone doesn't like the way their ear looks in one of my pictures 
doesn't mean it isn't a good picture :)

I press on.

Here are some recent just-because-I-was-there shots:
(Believe it or not, there was no posing for any of these shots. 
I was just at the right place at the right time.)


  1. I'm so proud of you!! That's a good realization and it's so true!

  2. i know many of the ppl in the photos and i feel like you captured more than just how they look. the pics produced a really good feeling inside (sorry for the cheesiness)... the same good feeling that i get when i see great art. good pics.

    btw, we seldom see ourselves as we truly are. we want to look prettier, handsomer, smarter. :) we need good artists to show us what we truly look like.

  3. one more thing... don't tell me those are your shots that are pouring there; flowing like chocolate with a perfect 3 layers.