Recently, I have developed a strong desire to sew.

Strange, I know, but nonetheless a strong desire.

I have not sewn anything since I was in middle school Home Economics.
I still have the pants I made though :)

I have already decided what things I want to sew, and where I want to put them.
I want to sew primarily for decoration purposes, but I guess it wouldn't hurt to make cute things too.

So, I have decided what my first sewing project will be, and would like to share it with you seeing as how its adorableness should not be kept a secret. I stumbled across it on the Viola & Pearl blog. I think it's such a cute idea.

Here it is.

"Love Birds"

Click here for a tutorial.

Have a Happy Sunday! :)


  1. ARTS and Crafts time...SWEET! here's a fun one if you ever lose a glove and don't know what to do with the other one...

  2. That is sooo cute!! I definitely want to try it! Thanks! :)