That time has come again.

Time for research papers and midterms. Oh the joy.

My next few days will consist of conducting research, reading, and studying.


A large number of books will be opened and flipped through.
Journal articles will be skimmed through.
Reference pages will be noted and later thoroughly examined for information that could be useful towards my paper.
Charts will be drawn.
Questions will be asked and answered.
Notes will be taken, crossed out, retaken, circled, repeat.

In other words, A LOT is going to go on in the next few weeks.

Part of me gets excited when this time comes. The other part wants to go in a corner, close my eyes, and fall into a deep sleep until it's all over.

Obviously, the latter is not an option.

I will leave you with a few photos of what I anticipate my future days to consist of.


Oh yea, I almost forgot.
Tomorrow, October 20, 2010, I will be married for 10 months. Awesome.

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