Positive Happenings

Due to that fact that school has taken over my life, 
I haven't been able to find time for blogging. 

It's the middle of the semester. 
That means papers, exams, and stress levels that are just not healthy. 

I have cried more these past two weeks than I have in a while. 
I have contemplated dropping out of grad school daily. 
Multiple times a day.
I have taken exams that I have studied for so long and 
still managed to not do well. 
I have wanted to smash my computer through
a window after it did not cooperate with me. 

Instead of dedicating this post to all things negative, I decided to talk about the positive things that took place these past couple weeks. 

During this time of non-stop anxiety, I have experienced some positive happenings:
1. I found the most perfect hand lotion for me.
2. I made cheesecake again, and this time it turned out 
     better than perfect. 
3. Relationships I have made at school have been 
4. I have experienced genuine love, concern, and care 
     from friends and family. 
5. I discovered that bacon should be part of every breakfast 
     (minus the overwhelming, lingering smell).
6. I finally have a dresser.
7. I got a brand new coffee press.
8. I met our new neighbors who are totally God- sent. 

I wanted to take pictures of all of these things and post them.
Unfortunately, my camera battery is dead and I have no idea where the charger is. 

I decided to find photos online of as many of the things I wrote as possible and post those :)

I hope you enjoy some of the things that brought a smile to my face during some of the hardest times.

I'll admit, it doesn't take much to make me happy. 
On the other hand, the same is true for making me sad. 

Ok, here they are. 
Some positive things from this week:

Aveeno Intensive Hand Cream
 no- bake cheesecake - 

turkey bacon - Aldi

Malm dresser - Ikea
Awesome Bodum set - Coffee press and travel press (Costco)
Ruben surprised me with it after ours broke :)