No Heat

The time has come here in Chicago for the weather to change from pleasant to COLD.
This is my first time going through this transition of seasons.
I, of course, was comforted by the invention of a heater.

Well, last night, the heater started making some weird noises.
Then, without anyone telling it to, it just turned off.
That's right. It's 40 degrees outside, and our heater doesn't work.

Having lived in Florida, where people turn on their heaters when it hits 60 degrees, I naturally started freaking out.

How could this happen? How could the heat break now? For us?
Don't worry. We didn't freeze. Ruben temporarily fixed it.
We do have to replace some stuff , but we'll be ok.

This morning I started to think about those people who don't have heat.
Those people who don't even have homes.
I sat here complaining about freezing in my home with blankets and clothes while there are people in the world  with neither blankets, clothes, nor home.

I wonder if it's ok to be so comfortable.
I feel like it's so unfair.
I'm not sure I have a conclusion to all my thoughts,
but I am sure that these thoughts make me feel incredibly sad.

I can't wait until the day when things are as they should be.
When loving your neighbor is more than something kids learn in Sunday School and grow up to never practice in their daily lives. When all people feel safe, secure, and warm. When sickness and death are no more.

I anxiously wait for Jesus to come back so things can be right and just.

Until then, I'll do my best to love and serve like He did last time he was here.

I encourage you to help someone feel warm today.
Temperature wise, or emotionally.
Either will make someone's day.
If you do, please share how you did. I would love to hear it :)


  1. Hahahahahahaha...i could so see you freak out!!! I am exactly the same way, even though i'm used w/ the cold!! But you are right...sometimes when we don't have the luxuries we're used to....we act as if it's the end of life as we know it...meanwhile..for others..that's their life. it's sad...and we are trully blessed every single day for even being able to get out of that should trully make us more thankful each day for the little things that we don't even realize we have until they're taken away. By the way...i am definetly have blast reading your blogs...I am all caught up and will check daily...for inspiration...for a good laugh...for a good cry...for a good receipe....for a good vent from you...I mean..the awesome thing is that I don't even know what to expect!! I love it!!!