Beauty of Fall

Of the four seasons, I have to say that I love Fall most.

Fall is a season I have not had
the pleasure of experiencing often in my life.

To be honest, before moving here to Chicago,
I think I experienced fall once.
That's right. Just once. Sad, but true.

Now that I live here, I can't help but be in awe of
the trees and bushes as I drive to and from school.

Since my school is in the suburbs,
there is a lot of open space full of all the colors of fall.
The mix of bright green, red, and yellow is truly breathtaking.

When I would hear people tell me that the trees outside
 were red and yellow, I obviously didn't believe it.

Having lived in South Florida (a season-less world) my whole life, I couldn't comprehend it.

Being exposed to it every day here is refreshing.
One day, when I own an slr camera (preferably Canon),
I hope to capture this beauty in creative ways.

Until then, I have my not-so-great camera phone on me at all times.

I wanted to share with you some of the awesome creation I saw on my campus today:

I think the golden looking trees are my favorite.
This is the side of the library.
I had to take a leaf with me as a souvenir.
I couldn't believe how bright it was!
There were bushes full of these!

I'm off to work on a project for school.

Hope your Monday was a fun day!


  1. 1. Those tree's are exceptionally red.
    2. I love fall too
    3. You sound like such a Chicagoan! :)


  3. the bright red ones are my ultimate favorite!! i stop in my tracks when i see a good one. literally. ps. i think it's cute when your husband comments on your blog.

  4. That is why I live in Canada/Massachusetts!!! there is NOTHING more beautiful than fall colours...every week they look if someone (God!!!!!) keeps playing w/ the colours to get the PERFECT look before they fall...AAAAHHHHH..Ruben is sound like a Chicagoan!!! it!!! I'll call you an Illinoian!!!