Today I took one of many exams that I have taken in my college life..

Thanks to technology, I have not taken a pencil and paper exam since my early undergraduate years.

No, I am not THAT old.
It's just interesting to see how schooling has changed over not so many years.

Lately I've been feeling pretty discouraged.

Surprisingly, having just moved has nothing to do with my discouragement.

I just found out that to change my license I don't have to parallel park, so that definitely added encouragement to my being discouraged about not understanding the concept of parallel parking.

So, what is it then?

I just moved.
I finally have a home here in Chicago.
We have a garage space.
I never have to think about parallel parking when I get home again.
I have an amazing husband.
He has an amazing family.
I am started to build really great friendships here.
The weather is extremely pleasant.

All great things.

So why on earth would I be discouraged??


That's right. School. College. Graduate School.
The Masters in Mental Health Counseling program that I am currently enrolled in.

There lies the source of my feelings of discouragement.

Simply put, I just don't get it.

I don't understand why I have to be in school for so long to finally do what I think I'll love. I don't understand why other people's masters programs last one year and mine lasts THREE - at LEAST.

I don't understand what the point of this "read - study - take exams - write papers - give presentations - repeat" thing is all about.

I go into small depression modes on days I have to take exams.
Seriously. Ask Ruben. It's bad.

I have never been a good test taker. Not being a good test taker automatically means you never feel like you have done well enough. Papers, on the other hand, I can do.

Unfortunately, tests are part of classes. Always. Lots of them. It's great.

Yes, that was sarcasm.

Tonight I took an exam. Yet again, I felt unbelievably horrible afterwards.

Here's to the hope of one day being different.


  1. ahh school!! gotta love it...not. hang in there champ, you're so much smarter than you think you are. In fact you probably did really well on the test. Just like you ALWAYS do. just sayin'

  2. Why don't you just let happy make everything allllll-right...